Direct Linking:
          Under no circumstances is the direct linking or embedding of any music allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule because it violates international copyright law. This music is only for the owner of the music, this website is merely a convenience for the owner. By embedding or directly linking to the music, you violate laws implicated by offering others something that you do not own. Do not, under any circumstances, request, link to, or embed this music in your own or anyone else's webpage. Do not download and offer any of the music on this page because it is not legally yours.
          The direct linking of images is decided on a case by case analysis because of bandwidth concerns. Originally I had no reason to block images, but abuse of the banners from homestarrunner mirror (http://homestarrunner.kitkorp.com/banners/) created a need. Currently no images are blocked except said banners and buttons. If you don't like the fact that the images are different when directly linked from other sites, don't use them.
     Information Gathering:
          We reserve the right to Gather any and all information pertaining to your computer, you web browsing, or any other activities that occur on any of these sites, or while browsing these sites. We reserve the right to reveal this information to anyone at any time, unless otherwise stated. Passwords used on this site (such as forum passwords and proxy passwords) will never be revealed at any time to anyone, and should never be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to cancel any accounts at any time for any reason. Any illegal activities will be reported and associated user(s) will be banned.



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     Any music found on this site is copied legally for the purposes of the owner of said music only. By downloading this music you are legally responsible for all implications, legal or otherwise, of downloading music that does not belong to you. Any interface for said music on this website (kitkorp.com, scuzzstuff.org, and cavalkaf.org) is merely another convience for the owners and by using it and obtaining a copy of the music you violate the same laws implicated by downloading such music without that interface. I take no responsibilty for the acquisition of said music through my website or any other interface, and if you do obtain said music (or have obtained this music in the past) then you are responsible for these actions.